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Organisations which have helped The Savage Bakery on our journey, as well as causes and charities we support.

Fitlike Art

A local lad inspired to express myself via graffiti commenting on modern life and particularly the character of North East Scotland. My work can be either childishly cheeky; challenging the expectations of whether graffiti is harmless or a scourge on society; or social commentary on everything from respecting women, to local issues. Ultimately I do what I like, when I can free of commercial ties or rules.

I’m trying to good with what I do, so that’s why I want to support mental health through this project. Social pressures, social media, financial issues, pornography are all impacting our image of self. We are self centred, Society is not there to support us. We need charities like Mental Health Aberdeen more now than ever.

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”