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Jetpack Dinosaur

Chris Bissett, aka Jetpack Dinosaur, is a self taught artist, illustrator, graphic designer and print maker currently based in Aberdeen.

He has an entirely unexciting honours degree in media, communication and sociology, but has since been continuing to doodle, draw and scribble almost everyday since.

Chris began sharing and developing his current body of illustration at the beginning of 2016, posting daily drawings on instagram and unwittingly building a portfolio of ideas and styles.

Having always been fond of technical drawings and high contrast black/white work, Chris focuses on the use of linework to create depth, perspective and form without using a range of tones and colours. Chris is also colourblind, so finds working with natural tones to be especially tricky.

The sole red dot was initially intended as a compositional tool to add a flash of colour and compliment framing, but also gives a nod towards Chris’ fondness of Japanese art.

Chris has also been exploring the use of traditional printing methods, such as carved woodblocks and linocuts, and is excited to further this practice to create larger one off pieces.

In addition to traditional drawing, Chris also has an extensive background in graphic design, providing digital artwork during his time at local skate and surf shop Granite Reef, as well as freelance projects ranging from album artwork to shop front decal design.

Chris is currently continuing to draw (almost) everyday,Β  producing prints, one-off commissions and participating in bigger projects such as live painting at local clubnights and street art installations.

Other interests include skateboarding, drums, jazz and hummus. Dislikes include Velcro and revolving doors.