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Tilly Butcher

Not So Friendly

Fellow Savage

Organisations which have helped The Savage Bakery on our journey, as well as causes and charities we support.

Lurch Monster Tilly Butcher

Rasing Hell & Winning Awards Since 2011.

Lurch Monster & The Tilly Butcher’s (sounds right like a band), totes endorse the Super Awesome Savage Bakery and all their sweet, sweet caky goodness.

If you’re ever in the market for a huckle of Meat then you should like totally visit The Home Of Stripped Down Butchery, Multi Award Winning Sausages, Cracking Deals Erm.. Super Totes Awesome Bants and all the Bacon. That’s the Super Duper Tilly Butcher, 61 Hayton Road, if you weren’t sure.

Or you know, at least follow the madness on oor Facebook Page – Facebook.com/LurchMonsters.

Awkward Hugs,
Lurch Monster -The Ayatollah Of The Sausage Rolla.
First Of My Name And King Of The Butchers.